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My Writing

On this page you'll find a collection of my original screenplays and prose projects. 

If you'd like to read my short form prose and poetry, check out my Substack.

G String Poster.png

G-String Budget

Short Film

Original Screenplay, 17 Pages. Gonzo, Buddy Farce.

When two film-school post grads fail to get jobs in Hollywood, they resolve to fulfill their filmmaking dreams by making art-house porn. 

Download the Script

The Inquisitors

TV Pilot

Original Screenplay, 45 pages. Dark Comedy / Historical Fantasy.

“When the Black Death and concurrent wave of supernatural activity ravage Europe, a zealous inquisitor and an artsy, magic wielding minstrel must uncover and defeat the demonic forces overwhelming the city of Prague.”

Download the Script
The Inquistors Poster.png
Longhorn Late Night.jpeg

Longhorn Late Night & Unreleased

Sketch Comedy

Original Sketches. 

The following are select comedic sketches I wrote for various shows at Texas Student Television as an undergrad as well as new work I've created with my writing partner, Sahil Bhutani.

Corporations Are People Too?
The Second Amendment
House Hunters West Campus (or the seven deadly sins)
Robin Throws a Party
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